Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Some days it's better just to stay in bed

One of the things about being a Christ follower is that people expect you to always have good days and be in good spirits. There's something about the way culture and society think about God as having some miraculous control over the emotions of anyone who claims to be a christian. Well, for those of us who have slogged through the muck of everyday life the reality is different. We have the same tolerances for ignorance, bullying, unrealistic schedules, missed buses as anyone else walking around in a meat suit. Somedays just suck. Today's one of them.
Yes, as a Christ follower I will take  these cares, worries, concerns, foibles etc. to my prayer closet where I'll vent my frustrations to the One who really gives a damn and will inhale...exhale.....inhale.....exhale....until I'm quite chilled.

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