Friday, December 9, 2011

The many faces of me

This morning as I was spending time with Yahweh in prayer and reflection, I began to realize that I have much to be grateful for. Six years ago my life was pretty much a train wreck. (That's a topic for future consideration.) Through the experience of going to seminary and rubbing elbows with other Christ-followers God began a process of transformation that is ongoing today. I am grateful for Yahweh's reclamation project that is my life.
As God continues to transform me, I am becoming aware of the many faces I put on throughout the day. There is the face that I wear at home as I pray. There is the other face that my wife sees. At work, church, with friends, in stores, on the highway...different faces for every occasion. Jesus was not like this. His life was characterized by a unity of purpose and presentation that few of us can emulate. But, emulate we must. I think that folks who are called to follow Jesus and become disciples must allow God to mold and fashion us into more Christlike people. Painful...sure. Necessary...absolutely. This is an interesting journey we are on. May Yahweh continue to guide us on the way.

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