Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas season

Well, it's Monday the 19th. Christmas is less than a week away. I still have shopping to do because the ads on TV tell me that. I saw a news blurb over the weekend that really tipped me off to this. The person being interviewed said that the next week's dollars spent on shopping would tell whether Christmas would be successful this year. Of course, I want to do my part to ensure that Christmas is a success. I wouldn't want the fact that my daughter is visiting from California be a factor in Christmas' success. Being able to worship or spend time with friends and family apparently have nothing to do with it, either. People expressing their gratitude for their bounty by going to Walmart and paying for someone else's layaway purchases doesn't quite get it. Although they are spending money, it's not for themselves. Clearly, subversive. No, Christmas will not be successful unless we all suck it up and spend the money we don't have on stuff that no one really needs. I don't know how Christmas has lasted so long. After all, didn't someone say once, It's all about the economy, stupid?
I'm sorry, but it's not. It's about people caring for one another. Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, and any other flavor of religious or not-so-religious people accepting and nurturing one another's humanity in a time and place that does everything to denigrate humanity and fracture our relationships with one another and the Cosmos that sustains us. It's about a kind and Generous Creator who has shown love for the creation by sending a baby to invade our small corner of the universe. A baby to illuminate the heart of God that cries out, "Peace! My good will is poured out upon all of those with whom I am well-pleased!" Perhaps, the ultimate success of Christmas will be people of good-will and hope actually embracing this statement and paying the peace and good-will forward. I don't know...just a thought.

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