Friday, December 9, 2011

Sticks and Stones....maybe words can hurt me

I read an interesting take on the language of the Occupy Wall Street movement this morning. Author Brian McLaren offered an experience that he had with them. It is an experience with 'words' that many of us, certainly me, don't even think of. Words come coursing from our tongues with little or no consideration of what they are actually saying. At least, we don't think about what those who hear our words will actually take away.
In a short post, McLaren hit the mark about the violence that certain words and phrases can evoke. Violence that is not intended on the part of the speaker, but is there nonetheless.
He cited Mat. 5:21-26 as an example of the power, and consequence, of 'words.'
Perhaps, if we who claim to follow Christ would reflect on the Words of Jesus,  we would see more of the reign and dominion of God revealed in our world.
Please check out McLaren's post:

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