Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Super Tuesday

Well, it's Super Tuesday for the GOP. I'm not all that politically minded. These elections generally turn me off. The endless ads for and against this or that candidate and the spins that each puts on their positions does little to kindle any interest. This year's presidential election is especially, well, "Yawn." The GOP has no one. Romney, who in all likelihood, will eventually win the nomination is simply not fit. His background in business is not enough to qualify him to stand at the fore and represent the U.S. in the world. The biggest hump to get over with him, though, is that he represents the continuation of white patriarchy at its worst. The statements that he has made regarding the poor are a huge red flag. Not only in this country, but the poor and oppressed around the world need a person in the White House with compassion and empathy. Neither of these appear to be in Mitt's vocabulary. Romney brings an isolationism and extension of American Exclusiveness that cannot be healthy in the continuity diminution of the international stage. Again, I can't stress it enough, Mitt's Not Fit.

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