Saturday, March 9, 2013

Questions that Haunt: Reprint

My journey from conservative, fundagelical to a freeing of my inner liberal has led me to many thought-provoking sources. One of them is the blog of Tony Jones, "Theoblogy." I have appreciated Tony's ability to stretch a good way. I have also appreciated the times that I simply don't agree with him.
He has been on vacation that last week and has had several other individuals pinch hit. One of them is a guy named Richard Beck. Now, until yesterday, I had never heard of this person. But, I read his response to Tony's "Questions that Haunt" series. This week Beck explained his take on loving God. His conclusion is that "To Love God is to Love Flesh and Blood." For a blog post, this is one of the best expression of what it means to be a Progressive Christian in today's culture. I encourage you to read it with an open heart. Allow Ruach Elohim to touch the very core of you with the love that is central to Beck's piece.

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