Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I now pronounce you...

The past few years there has been much ink spilled with books, essays, blogs, etc. about Godly or biblical marriages. The evangelical tradition that I grew up in is very patriarchal when it comes to marriage relationships. The husband is the 'head' of the wife who, in turn, must remain submissive to that headship. After all, Paul made it clear in Ephesians that this was so. For many years I've felt that this is simply not accurate. There was something missing when Paul could say something about men, (husbands), being like Christ and women, (wives), being something less. This seemed to ignore the 'no longer male or female' texts. It also made singles into second-class citizens. Today at Rachel Held Evans' blog, she posted a guest essay about this issue. I thought that it was wonderfully thought out and presented. Here is a link:
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