Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Bible...really, The Bible

There are a couple blogs that I follow pretty closely. Some are listed to the right. One of them, Allan Bevere's, had a link to an interesting CNN blog by Steven James. In it he points out that the Bible is really a text that is "Very raw. Very real." I agree with much of what he has to say. The church has tended to make the Scriptures some high and hallowed thing that the average person cannot hope to reach or touch. Many others, like James, have attempted to strip away the religious veneer that obscures this real and living compilation of inspired words.
There is the danger, however, that we push the humanity too far and neglect the calling that these words place on us. We are called to move beyond "partying with Jesus" into a real, living, vibrant relationship with him. Yes, that means to go to the wedding at Cana and party down. It also means to climb the rocky path to Calvary and lay down our lives with him.
James' piece is good and necessary, but it is not the final word.
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