Friday, February 17, 2012

And in this corner...

I love reading the work of good scholars. Especially, journal articles. These folks are virtually always responding to someone else's idea or positions. The most fun is when they disagree with one another. So and so is 'contra' the other so and so. And, they always have well thought our reasons why they are right and the other wrong. The banter between these will-trained professionals gives me hope that, like the blind squirrel, I may find an acorn once in a while.
The one missing element, however, is who is asking themselves, 'What if I'm wrong'? The other person is assuredly wrong. But, what about me? Can I quickly back-pedal and make it look I was right, thus saving face? Or, can I say, "Yes, I was wrong. Thank you for helping me see that." I would hope that I could.
But, I really hope that the Battle of the Ph.D keeps's more entertaining than the W.W.F.

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