Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Another slow day at the old homestead

Yesterday I got to go see my cardiologist. Heart attacks are no fun. He didn't say much. I think he was having a rough day. One thing about having heart issues like this is that I have slowed down. I don't move quite so fast because things that made me run around like an idiot just aren't all that important. I have, so far, lost almost 30 lbs. That's a good thing. I walk an hour each day, (at least I try). ;o)
I guess I'm doing all that I can right now. Part of the reason for that is that by all rights I should have died on Nov. 3. My LAD, the main artery supplying blood to my left ventricle was 100% blocked. They call that one the "widow maker." Well, my wife is not a widow...yet. God, for whatever reason, saw fit to let me hang out on this rock for a little while longer. So, I figure I should do my part.

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