Sunday, May 20, 2012

Let's talk about LGBTQ followers of Christ

The church has been wrestling for years with questions about what is a right and proper response to people who do not think and act in ways that it thinks are appropriate. The ongoing questions about how much the culture should be allowed to speak into the lives of the faithful still go unanswered. Much of the reason for this is that people do not talk. Those in the church have no idea what these 'others' really think, feel and believe. Those outside of the church are likewise ill informed. Over at Dr. John Byron's blog a few days ago there was some evidence that a discussion could begin. In fact, in many areas there has been some breaking of ice. But, even here, when the question of homosexuality comes up, dogma digs in and walls are quickly erected. I am becoming more convinced that this is simply not the way that Christ followers should behave. There is far too much talk about sin and judgement and woefully not enough talk of Kingdom and Yahweh's reign in the good creation.
What do I think about this issue? I have to say that I believe that we must embrace our sisters and brothers where ever they may be. We must also be light in a world that has far too much darkness, hatred and misunderstanding. Can we? I pray that we can rise above fear and ignorance to embrace one another in koinonia.
The primary issue that is in the news these days is about gay marriage. Here is a link to an essay that is well thought out and deserves consideration. I'm not sure I agree with all of the points in it. But, it is a place to start a dialog. I must be clear that I believe that Yahweh desires holiness and single-minded devotion from those of us who chose to follow. We cannot, however, neglect Christ's attitude toward all of God's people...those to whom he was sent to bring liberation and life to.

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