Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Obedience of God

As I was driving to work today I was struck with something that I should have known, and is most likely known by folks a tad quicker on the uptake than I. This AM I read John 17. This has become known as Jesus' High Priestly prayer. What came to my mind and hung around for awhile was that Jesus used phrases like, "the words that You gave me" and "You sent me into the world." Jesus, who as the eternal Word of God, who has been with the Father and the Spirit always, who enjoyed glory as God the Son was 'sent' and 'received.' In the first he humbled himself to become obedient to the Father. In the second he was not completely self-sufficient, but was required to receive from the Father as a humble person must. Now, I've read the kenotic hymn in Philippians many times. And, I've heard how Jesus was obedient and faithful in his life and death. But, as I reflected on the Son's love for the Father and the very good creation, I had my breath taken away as I began to see this played out in the incarnation. How good is God?! How great is Yahweh's love and compassion for the world? I cannot come up with words to describe this wonderful gift that God has lavished on us. Why? Because of Agape. How can we not respond to one another, to those who we may consider "other," and to the very good creation with the same agape and with gratitude?

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