Thursday, July 7, 2011

Is the body rotten...or simply rotting

Dr. Ben Witherington wrote in his commentary on Revelation that the human body is "regularly portrayed as the weak link in the Christian's armor." Much has been said and written about the weakness of the flesh. Many today wrongly think that this is the result of some "sin nature" that humanity has inherited from the original humans. Witherington has an interesting take on this. He wrote, "the body is is [not] inherently evil..." It is simply "not currently being renewed by God. The renewal of the body must await the resurrection. The mind, the heart the emotions, and the human will are being renewed now. Inwardly we are being renewed day after day, but outwardly our fallen bodies are wasting away." I think this is a good place for one to start as one considers the effects of sin and death in the cosmos. It does not seem to be some driving force that is being spoken of. It seems more like the tent of clay that we inhabit on our sojourn through this life. A tent that will be replaced, (renewed), at the return of Christ and the revealing of a new heaven and new earth.

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