Saturday, July 16, 2011


One of my professors from seminary recently celebrated his first "blogiversary." In his post for that day he recapped some of his reasons for blogging as well as the joy he has experienced. One thing he wrote was that blogging is hard work. It takes time and commitment to do it in a way that people want to follow it. That has been the difficult part for me. I simply don't have the time to blog in a regular, consistent way. Be that as it may, I hope to continue jotting some things from time to time. After all, I have nothing profound or revelatory to write. This is primarily a space for me to explore and develop my thoughts about some things. I, like many others, find that sitting down and putting words to thoughts and ideas; to things I hear and learn; to events and emotions helps to concretize them in my mind. This helps to move these things from head to heart. So, if I'm not as regular with blog posts as the experts say that I should be...oh, well. It's still interesting to me to be able to look back over months of thought development and see where I've been. If anyone cares to join me in this, they are welcome.

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