Friday, June 15, 2012

God's Relentless, All Consuming Love

As I continue to contemplate Yahweh's love for the good creation in general, and humanity in particular, I am brought back to something I began to get a glimpse of many months ago. That is, that God's desire and love for us is relentless. No matter where we wander in life's forests, deserts and meadows, Yahweh will pursue us. I caught a bit of a picture that, while imperfect, does reveal a little of how I see God's pursuit of us, God's beloved.
Presently, there are several wildfires burning out of control in Colorado and New Mexico. These fires are driven by wind and fueled by dead growth and litter. The fires are relentless in their advance. Nothing escapes the lick of the flame. All is consumed. In the process, the pine beetle that has destroyed trees is consumed. The governor of New Mexico mentioned that in some places the pine needles on the forest floor is as deep as 4 feet. This, too, is consumed opening the ground to the sun and rain. The dead wood is removed. All of this creates the possibility for new growth; new hope.
This metaphor, like all metaphors, has limitations. But, I see God's relentless, all consuming love burning in our lives. It consumes everything. The good, the bad and the ugly. Yes, some things will be caught in the process. But, the hope of new life is present in the ashes. The good and healthy seed will germinate and grow. The soil, rich with new nutrients, will be able to receive the sun and rain without the litter that has fallen to block it. Those pests and parasites will be destroyed. Those creatures that escaped will be able to return. The forest, like our life, will not be the same. Yet, God will bless. God will be present. God will continue to love us...relentlessly.

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