Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Broken Eikons

A few days ago I wrote a bit about humans being the image, or eikon, of God. As I continued to reflect on this I wondered about those other eikons that kings placed in the ANE. What happened to them? I imagine that over time they became worn and broken. They probably eroded to the point that the one to whom they referred could not be recognized. Think of the face of the Great Sphinx. Some of these eventually crumpled to dust. Others may have been purposely defaced by people who did not revere the king. None of them has survived intact to today.
But, what if the king were to send a new eikon. One who shared the substance of the broken ones. Who could also, potentially, be broken. And, what if this one came to some of the broken ones and, say, spit on the dust to make clay? Then, used that clay to fill in the cracks and mend the broken fingers. What would happen, then, if these newly repaired and restored eikons were given the ability to go and restore other broken eikons? In my mind's eye I could see the eikons moving from one to another, picking up broken pieces and replacing them. Then Yahweh would have people, restored images of Yahweh, who could serve and preserve the good Earth in which Yahweh had settled them, (Gen. 2:15).

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